5 Best Telemedicine Apps For When You Can’t See a Doctor

Telemedicine apps are making it much easier for many people to get help from a doctor. They’re based on a simple idea: most people already have a smartphone or a personal computer, so why not use these devices to speak to a doctor online? The biggest benefit of telemedicine apps is that they give people access to quick and convenient medical care for a wide range of issues that don’t require an in-person office visit. Telemedicine has also helped with a doctor shortage by making it easier for doctors to see more patients, more quickly, enabled people living in rural areas to see specialists, and saved money for both patients and payers.

With that in mind, Ria Health came up with five of the best and most popular telemedicine apps on the market.

First listed is the American Well Amwell app. As of 2018, Amwell was the most downloaded telemedicine app available through Google Play and the iOS App Store. Through the app, American Well enables people to get 24/7 access to doctors without needing an appointment, and prescriptions can even be given online and sent to your pharmacy. Many insurance plans and employers cover Amwell’s services, and it’s available in all 50 U.S. states. Ria Health comments that it’s a solid all-around choice for a variety of needs, from urgent care to therapy, and even breastfeeding support.

Other apps listed were Doctor on Demand, Teladoc (whose unique feature is its Global Care service, which gives access to doctors who speak your language anywhere in the world, and helps you navigate the local healthcare system when you’re traveling abroad), HealthTap, and MDLIVE. Ria Health also mentions its own app designed to support people struggling with alcohol misuse.

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