Accolade Unveils Maya Intelligence Engine & App to Deliver Personalized Healthcare Experience

Healthcare concierge company Accolade recently unveiled its new Maya Intelligence Engine, which will provide highly personalized healthcare support for individuals and their families. It also introduced the Accolade Mobile app, which enables live messaging with dedicated health assistants and nurses on any health- or benefits-related question or concern.

Maya’s intelligence becomes more relevant, efficient, and effective with every interaction between patients and Accolade Health assistants and nurses. The Accolade platform and Maya have produced a 70% engagement level across employer populations, member satisfaction ratings of 98%, and employer cost savings of up to 5% in the first year and 15% by year five.

With Accolade Mobile, members can ask quick questions, engage in ongoing messages, or escalate to phone calls with health assistants and nurses. It is available in both iOS and Android app stores.

“There is tremendous expectation in the industry for AI to solve some of the big challenges in healthcare, but it doesn’t work on its own,” said Mike Hilton, Chief Product Officer at Accolade. “To truly impact people’s health and the broken cost structure in healthcare, we need to apply AI to a far more personal and complete set of health data, and we need a way to deliver personalized and relevant healthcare recommendations to individuals. The combination of these factors has been missing in healthcare, but it exists with Accolade.”

Accolade, a McKesson Ventures portfolio company, is a proactive and on-demand healthcare concierge for employers, health plans, health systems, and employees.

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