Aetion and Cegedim Health Data announce new partnership to power real-world evidence research in Europe

Aetion and Cegedim Health Data announced a new partnership to integrate Cegedim’s European real-world data (RWD) platform, THIN, into the Aetion Evidence Platform. The new collaboration will enable Aetion’s clients, including top biopharma companies, leading payers, and regulatory agencies to employ leading trans-Atlantic RWD to unlock essential insights about treatments.

Cegedim’s THIN database—which stands for The Health Improvement Network—includes fully anonymized electronic health records from France, the UK, Spain, Belgium, and Romania, and provides details on diagnoses, treatments, clinical outcomes, and interventions. This data provides a robust view of treatment use and outcomes, making it a particularly valuable data source for answering COVID-19 treatment questions. When analyzed in the Aetion Evidence Platform, THIN data can be transformed into evidence to inform clinical trial planning, regulatory submissions, and value assessment decisions.

“Over the last few months, COVID-19 has changed the drug development landscape, as leading biopharma companies, regulators, and health technology assessment bodies alike look to urgently answer questions on treatment utilization, safety, and effectiveness,” said Aetion CEO Carolyn Magill. “Through this partnership with Cegedim, our aim is to help global biopharma companies quickly generate decision-grade real-world evidence by expanding our data sources and capabilities in the EU.”

Cegedim Health Data Global Head Gilles Paubert added, “Cegedim is committed to enabling advancements in patient outcomes and expanding its involvement in partnerships to ensure that longitudinal research and representative RWD is accessible to all those who require it. The clinically rich data that we capture through THIN, which has a history dating back to 1994, will help clients using Aetion’s platform to explore the nuances of each particular dataset, be it therapeutic area-specific or region-specific, to reveal critical insights needed to bring a new drug to market and deliver efficacious treatments to patients faster.”

Aetion partners with the world’s leading real-world data providers to enable streamlined access to data for its analysis platform. This partnership helps the company expand its global footprint and serve clients conducting EU-focused research.

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