Aledade Founder & CEO Farzad Mostashari: Preserving the Autonomy of Independent Practices to Drive Real Value in Healthcare

In a recent episode of Healthcare Is Hard: A Podcast for Insiders, Aledade Founder & CEO Farzad Mostashari shared with Keith Figlioli that he has never been entirely comfortable being a part of and leading the large institutions that populate his resume.

The list of organizations Mostashari has been a part of is a prestigious one, including roles like National Coordinator for Health IT at the Department of Health and Human Services, Assistant Commissioner at the NYC Department of Health, an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer at the CDC, a fellow at The Brookings Institute, and a resident at Mass General Hospital. But, he says, he always felt a little bit like an outsider. And that ability to see both the insider and outsider perspectives is what ultimately led him to found Aledade.

Throughout their conversation, Figlioli and Mostashari also discuss why healthcare organizations tend to lose more money the larger they grow, whether independents or consolidated institutions are the future of healthcare, why trust in smart healthcare policy makers is critical for private sector leaders, and Mostashari’s past ten years of vision driving real value.

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