#allinseattle Raises $27M to Provide Immediate Assistance for People Impacted by COVID-19

Today, an initiative, #allinseattle, launched with more than $27 million in pledged donations from individuals and entities to local organizations directly working with people affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The group is calling on others in the region, as well as community and business leaders across the country, to donate to organizations helping people in their communities get the support they need to get through this time.

The #allinseattle group is working to identify organizations with minimal overhead that are on the ground now, whether they’re providing individual assistance for food and shelter needs or helping area small businesses facing closures.

“The most notable and inspiring result of the grassroots effort is both the number of people and organizations who have stepped forward to help their local community, and the generosity of their contributions. To raise $27 million in just 72 hours is staggering,” said Rajeev Singh, CEO of health care company Accolade. “But #allinseattle is not a moment in time. It’s a plea for others to give whatever they can—be it a $5 donation or a $500 donation—to show love and support for the people and communities in which we live. There’s no better time than now.”

After seeing the plight of so many community members who have been deeply impacted by restaurant closures, small business and school closures, and the pressure on health care workers, the individuals involved in #allinseattle started working with local government, business, and community organizations, including Challenge Seattle, to focus their donations on 501(c)(3) organizations and other funds such as rent relief programs that are directly addressing the needs of Seattle-area residents.

#allinseattle is a template that communities across the country can use to create grassroots funding campaigns of their own. The group is not collecting or dispersing funds; it is a rallying cry meant to inspire people to give directly to organizations working on the ground right now.

Read the full press release here.

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