American Well Unveils Next Generation of Multi-Function Telehealth Carts at HIMSS 2019

Telehealth company American Well announced the launch of the American Well 250 Cart, the most comprehensive cart to connect providers with thousands of specialists on demand. This is also the first integrated telemedicine device brought to market by American Well after its acquisition of Avizia in 2018.

“We have passed the point of no return when it comes to health systems embracing telehealth as a core competency,” said American Well CEO Roy Schoenberg, MD. “The new 250 cart allows for the consumption of a mix of services—from both clinicians inside the institution as well as clinicians from affiliated networks across the country—at any point of care. This is the first time health systems will be able to digitally load-balance their clinical services, all through a single device.”

The American Well 250 Telemedicine Cart has a pan-tilt zoom camera that will allow remote providers to better diagnose and recommend treatment for the patient; and embedded remote monitoring tools ensure the cart is ready for use at all times.

Potential uses for the 250 cart include:

  • Behavioral health: patients receiving therapy at a local hospital can connect with remote psychologists.
  • Emergency department triage: for non-acute visits to the ED, health systems can use the cart to connect patients with a remote provider. This can reduce the time of an ED visit to half an hour from arrival to discharge, just a fraction of the typical wait time.
  • School health: the cart provides on-demand or chronic care for school children. School nurses can use the cart to connect with an experienced remote provider for assistance with injuries and illnesses.
  • Skilled nursing facilities: staff can use the cart to call in remote providers to treat seniors in their current surroundings rather than moving them to the ED when acute health issues strike.

The 250 cart joins the Cisco-based 760 Cart, which American Well launched in January.

Read the original press release here.

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