Ascension and PokitDok Rely on AWS to Bring New Healthcare Products to Customers

“What’s happening right now is almost a digital revolution in healthcare,” says Ascension’s Chris Young. According to Young, while the healthcare industry has been lagging when it comes to technology, it’s now starting to catch up, particularly in terms of digital healthcare offerings.

Ted Tanner, Jr., who founded PokitDok in 2011 with co-founder and CEO Lisa Maki, also acknowledges how much his company relies on new, up-and-coming technologies to provide for healthcare customers. “We bring, essentially, an operating system to the business of health,” Tanner, Jr. explains.

Both Ascension and PokitDok are reliant on Amazon Web Services to connect technology with their customers. Ascension, a health nonprofit, uses PokitDok’s system via AWS to interact with their customers where those customers are—online and looking for services like secure information sharing and online scheduling.

Tanner, Jr. describes the process as a “one-click ecommerce experience” for healthcare customers. All PokitDok’s services are available via AWS, which makes them easily accessible whenever needed.

“I think the combination of AWS and PokitDok allows for innovation within the healthcare space,” says Young, whose company uses both to provide for customer healthcare needs. The two together—the AWS platform and PokitDok’s varied technological offerings—provide the information and support healthcare consumers are increasingly needing.

“The benefits of running on AWS allow me to sleep at night,” says Tanner, Jr., “because I do not worry about downtime with AWS. And they will always be there when I need them.”

Find out more about how Ascension and PokitDok use the AWS service by watching this Youtube video.