Bill Moschella – Building a World Class SaaS Startup

A November 2017 episode of Startup Grind Local featured Bill Moschella, who co-founded Evariant, a leading healthcare CRM and analytics business. Today, Moschella is Evariant’s Chairman and CEO.

Moschella says he had a great upbringing in a very tight-knit family and neighborhood. He grew up the son of two teachers who worked hard to provide for the family and give him the best education they could. He said that the entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic runs in his family, recounting how his grandfather started his own business as a tailor after immigrating to the United States from Italy.

During the interview, Moschella talks about his first experiences as an entrepreneur, the ideas that led to the founding of Evariant, how Evariant has evolved since it was founded, and more.

Today, Evariant is one of the country’s fastest growing tech companies and has more than 1,000 hospitals and 6 of the top 10 healthcare systems in the U.S. as customers.

Watch the full interview with Moschella below.