HumanFirst joins the FDA, HHS and more than 20 organizations and leading health companies to launch the Digital Health Measurement Collaborative Community (DATAcc)

More than 20 organizations and companies, including McKesson Ventures portfolio companies Aetion, Evidation Health, and Xealth, have joined together with other members of the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) to create the Digital Health Measurement Collaborative Community (DATAcc), an effort to develop best practices and streamline approaches to measuring health using digital technologies.

DATAcc comprises leaders from across the government, nonprofit, and private sectors, including healthcare systems, medical technology companies, patient advocates, biopharma, and policy organizations. The collaborative will use interdisciplinary expertise, data, and use cases to address complex medical device challenges, from increasing digital health literacy to integrating data from consumer fitness trackers into electronic health records.

The goal of the Digital Health Measurement Collaborative Community is to realize the full potential of digital health measurement as a powerful new tool to drive improvements in health outcomes, health economics, and health equity. The need to address these challenges has become more salient as long-standing disparities in access and outcomes have been further exacerbated by COVID-19.

The three McKesson Ventures portfolio companies involved in the collaboration will bring expertise in real-world data collection and organization, distributed clinical trials, and digital health apps.

  • Aetion’s mission is to power critical decisions in healthcare with data science-driven technology. The company delivers real-world evidence for life sciences companies, payers, at-risk providers, and regulators to assess the safety, effectiveness, and value of medications. The company has also been working with the FDA through the pandemic to advance understanding of COVID-19 and the effectiveness of treatment and vaccines.
  • Evidation measures health in everyday life and enables anyone to participate in groundbreaking research and health programs. The company’s Achievement platform generates data with unprecedented speed and rigor and is trusted by leading organizations to better understand health and disease outside clinic walls. It is also pushing the use of data from wearables in healthcare as useful real-world data for providers, payers, and researchers.
  • Xealth is a digital health prescribing platform that enables clinicians to easily integrate, prescribe, and monitor digital health tools for patients from their electronic health record workflows, including patient education, remote patient monitoring, third-party apps and programs, device monitoring, and non-clinical services such as ride shares or food delivery.

Together, on a continuing basis, DATAcc will explore six priority areas that include data governance, data rights, digital inclusion, reimbursement, commercial models, and the standardization of elements of digital sensing products and the data they produce.

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