Digital Needs a Dance Partner: Accolade’s Raj Singh on Why Technology Alone Can’t Solve Consumer Engagement

Accolade CEO Raj Singh recently offered his view on how healthcare companies can integrate high-tech and high-touch to finally crack the consumer engagement code.

Consumers are “going digital” in almost every aspect of their lives, and healthcare is no exception. Technology can support consumers in their quest for high-quality, personalized care offered in a more efficient manner.

But technology can’t stand alone, Singh says. The complexity of our healthcare system makes it hard to deliver targeted, personalized care unless we take a blended approach—equal parts personal touch and data.

Singh says that big data is just data unless it’s converted to meaningful information, and that data needs a human context. Accolade’s platform allows gathering of richer patient information both in terms of claim data and contextual data on their lives, allowing a level of personalized support that, according to the company’s research, the vast majority of patients want.

“When you have technology, science, and human compassion all working together, you can make a real impact on some of the toughest issues that employers, health plans, and providers are dealing with,” says Singh.

“It’s on the industry as a whole to deliver the right mix of high-touch and high-tech to meet consumer demands—giving people a care support team and technology platform that’s personalized, innovative, simple, and effective.”

Accolade, a McKesson Ventures portfolio company, provides healthcare concierge services to employers, health plans, and health systems. It marries highly personalized service with high-tech analytics and data mining to help consumers navigate their health benefits and healthcare experience.

Read Mr. Singh’s full article on the Oliver Wyman Health website.

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