Driving Value by Delivering Tailored, Home-Based Care to Frail Populations

When something has been done the same way for years, it can be hard to recognize the need for change. That’s not a huge problem if we’re talking about retail, investment, or restaurant industries, but if we’re talking about healthcare, an inefficient system may not only cost more money, but also severely affect quality life for patients around the country.

This is exactly the reason Adam Boehler started Landmark Health in 2013. The co-founder and CEO saw how an inefficient system was harming chronically ill people, elderly folks, and patients with complex health problems, simply because no one was taking the initiative to questions the status quo.

After seeing his 100-year-old grandmother spend the last ten years of her life in and out of hospitals, he began to question the one-size-fits-all healthcare system. Her frequent hospitalizations were expensive, unpleasant, and in Adam’s view, unnecessary.

So he started a company to flip the system on its head. Landmark provides solutions for long-term patients who might benefit from staying at home. They offer scheduled home visits with doctors and healthcare professionals who perform medication reconciliation, minor procedures, and prescription writing with the full support of a medical, behavioral, palliative and social services team.

The result is a system where patients can build strong, trusting relationships with their doctors, while at the same time cutting down on the extra cost, inconvenience, and the in-office wait times associated with frequent hospital visits.

For Adam Boehler’s personal perspective, read his recent Q&A interview with The Pulse.