Health Catalyst Eliminates Client Restriction on Solicitation and Hiring in its Contracts

On June 21, 2016, Health Catalyst announced in a press release that it will no longer include a provision in client service contracts prohibiting the solicitation or hire of Health Catalyst employees by clients. The company will, however, still honor restrictions of solicitation of its clients’ employees by Health Catalyst.

Health Catalyst looks to cultivate a more open and collaborative relationship between its employees and clients. The removal of this particular provision aims to break down barriers and focus on the long-term success of its client projects—and its employee’s careers.

“We are committed to working with our clients as long-term partners, and focusing on long-term customer success is our first operating principle,” said Health Catalyst CEO Dan Burton. “Our contractual restriction to prevent clients from soliciting or hiring our team members puts up a wall between us and our clients that could inhibit our work together. We want to eliminate any barriers that might prevent our clients from achieving and sustaining clinical and financial outcomes improvements.”

Burton said this change supports Health Catalyst’s overall strategy to enable outcomes improvement at scale, which can sometimes be furthered by the hire of its employees to client companies.

“[W]e view it as a sincere compliment when our clients value our team members’ contributions so highly that they express interest in hiring our team members,” Burton continued. “Ultimately, we hope each of our team members remains committed to enabling outcomes improvements at scale, whether as a team member or as an alumni of Health Catalyst. We seek to enable our team members’ long-term career success whether inside or outside the company.”

Indeed, this client-relationship focused strategy has earned Health Catalyst “the highest client reviews of any other vendor for insights and outcomes” in its industry, according to KLAS Research.

Health Catalyst, backed by Rock Health, is an industry leader in healthcare data warehousing and analytics and outcomes improvement. It helps healthcare organizations perform the clinical, financial, and operational reporting and analysis needed for population health and accountable care. McKesson Ventures is an investor in the Rock Health fund.

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