Hims & Hers and Walmart Collaborate To Expand Availability Of Hair Care Offerings To 1,400+ Stores Nationwide and Online

Personal telehealth company Hims & Hers recently announced an expansion to its multi-specialty platform: it has partnered with Walmart to make its products available in certain stores across the country and on the Walmart website.

Hims & Hers Chief Operating Officer Melissa Baird shared enthusiasm about the launch, saying that “since our founding, our goal has been to provide quality health and wellness, including hair care and hair loss products, in the most convenient way possible to consumers. We are thrilled to collaborate with such a well-known, household name such as Walmart as a continuation of our strategy to bring access to our products to consumers wherever they are across the country.”

The company’s hair care products will be available to consumers to help treat hair loss, a condition that two-thirds of American men experience to some degree by the age of 35 and which affects 1 in 3 women. This news takes the company one step closer to its vision of mass market accessibility.

The specific products available include Hims minoxidil 5% topical solution, Hers minoxidil 5% topical foam, Hers minoxidil 2% topical solution, Hims minoxidil 5% topical foam, Hers Triple Threat shampoo, Hims Thick Fix shampoo, and Hims Thick Fix System, which includes minoxidil 5% topical solution, Thick Fix shampoo, and gummy vitamins.

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