Inspired by Airbnb, Hims & Hers offers 10,000 free medical visits to displaced Afghan refugees

Our portfolio company, Hims & Hers, is in the process of distributing 10,000 free primary care and mental health visits to displaced Afghan refugees.

According to a post on the company blog, Hims & Hers plans to coordinate with select non-governmental organizations and other relevant partners, including the providers on our platform, to make sure these refugees are aware of these services and get the support they need. The visits are immediately available to refugees.

“We feel a moral responsibility to act—and fast,” Dudum wrote in the company blog.

Hims & Hers will be covering the cost of the medical visits, and they will be “delivered by the generous providers” through its platform.

On Twitter, Dudum wrote that he was inspired by Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s announcement that his company was going to offer free temporary housing to 20,000 Afghan refugees around the world.

“We applaud other organizations that are rapidly responding to the needs of our fellow global citizens in the time of most need. And we ask that others that are in a position to help—whether through their business or as individuals—to do so, and quickly,” Dudum wrote in the company blog post.

Founded in 2017, Hims & Hers has built out a multi-specialty telehealth platform that connects consumers to licensed healthcare professionals.

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