Key Advances in Precision Medicine in Lung Cancer

US Oncology Research, supported by McKesson and the US Oncology Network, has a network of experienced and dedicated clinical staff and investigators who specialize in Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials. Robert Coleman, MD, FACOG, FACS, serves as its Chief Scientific Officer.

In a recent video, Coleman discusses how lung cancer has been the “poster child” for precision medicine recently, as approvals for specific molecular alterations such as EGFR have become targetable earlier in therapy treatment lines.

“Treatment for these molecular mutations like EGFR mutation are moving […] earlier in the treatment paradigm,” Coleman says, noting that some of these mutations have already been approved and proven in other cancer types.

“We’re also finding aspects such as RAS and MET and RET and expansion of our immunotherapy single agents and combinations are being moved into earlier and earlier lines of therapy.”

Watch the full video on Targeted Oncology.