Komodo Health unveils MapEnhance, a new centralized network of specialty data partners

Komodo Health has recently launched MapEnhance, a feature that leverages a network of specialty data partners connecting into the company’s platform.

MapEnhance builds on Komodo’s Healthcare Map, which it characterizes as a de-identified data set on 330 million patients in the United States, by combining it with data curated by its partners, Invitae, PointClickCare, and Trio Health.

The company hopes to offer visibility into a real-world view of clinical events (e.g., doctor appointments, lab tests) and patient populations at a level of detail not previously available. MapEnhance users can quickly perform comprehensive analytics, develop higher-performing predictive models, and conduct research, Komodo says.

“We’ve been on this mission of stitching together patient journeys,” said Komodo Health CEO and Co-founder Arif Nathoo, MD. “MapEnhance is a way to bring others to the table who have very specific views into certain populations and ensure these populations are represented in the data.”

Dr. Nathoo says the MapEnhance partnership was years in the making, and more partners are expected to be publicly announced in the future.

Most of the MapEnhance data will be available to Komodo Health customers for an additional fee. The data will be integrated, cleaned, and standardized, which will allow for faster and timelier insights to users.

The end goal of the MapEnhance feature is to get healthcare and life science stakeholders to migrate away from legacy data vendors that are inefficient and costly.

The data available with Komodo Health’s MapEnhance include:

  • Precision molecular diagnostics: Features proprietary cytogenetics, genetics tests, and others focused on multiple therapeutic areas.
  • High-volume standard lab diagnostics: Said to be derived from the largest clinical lab providers in the U.S., including inpatient and outpatient lab tests, to drive earlier visibility into diagnosis and disease progression.
  • Electronic medical records: Offers deep visibility into clinical encounters, with observations captured at the point of care.
  • Inpatient and outpatient facility chargemasters: Provides information about individual components of cost and utilization associated with episodes of care.

“This is a huge step forward to bring together comprehensive clinical and cost-of-care insights to deliver real-world treatment recommendations,” said Trio Health CEO Brent Clough.

Dr. Nathoo added that having third-party data overlapping with Komodo’s data allows it to be checked for sampling bias.

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