Körber and Vineti Announce Partnership to Provide improved Manufacturing Performance and Visibility Globally for Cell and Gene-Based Therapies

Körber, a manufacturing execution systems supplier for pharma and biotech, has partnered with Vineti to integrate Körber’s Werum PAS-X-MES with Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management (PTM) platform. The partnership will empower biopharma customers with an integrated PAS-X-MES and supply chain data management solution to bring life-saving cell and gene-based therapies to patients in need.

Advanced therapies like cell and gene therapies and personalized vaccines require advanced software infrastructure across the entire production process. The advanced therapy industry requires digital visibility, automation, and real-time feedback in its technology, enabling management of complex manufacturing, large volumes of data, and complex, high-risk patient safety requirements.

Körber and Vineti’s global, non-exclusive partnership between two innovators in cell and gene therapy will ensure complete Chain of Identity and Chain of Custody visibility, product tracking, and data management as personalized cell and gene therapies go through each step in the manufacturing supply chain, ensuring that every patient receives their personalized medicine as quickly and safely as possible.

By integrating Vineti’s Personalized Therapy Management platform with Werum PAS-X-MES, this partnership will enable operational excellence and advanced cell and gene therapies out of the box. The joint solution will simplify compliance with all regulatory requirements and offer easier, faster manufacturing processes.

“Patients will always be our priority and at the forefront of the work we do,” said Vineti Co-founder and CEO Amy DuRoss. “By partnering with Körber, we will be providing a greater opportunity for the industrialization of cell and gene therapy manufacturing and supply chain. This partnership will allow Vineti to seamlessly integrate with the top manufacturers around the world, positioning Körber and Vineti to best help customers globally as the cell and gene therapy space grows in the years to come.”

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