Private AI and Replica Analytics announce partnership to tackle data privacy

Replica Analytics, an Aetion company, is partnering with data privacy software solutions developer Private AI. The partnership is a response to an urgent need for a privacy-preserving solution in healthcare and aims to provide a comprehensive solution for healthcare’s data privacy and security challenges.

Replica Analytics’ pioneering software, Replica Synthesis 3.0, generates synthetic structured data, in the place of real data, making healthcare data safe to use in medical research and for other valuable insights. Private AI’s technology accurately detects and removes personally identifiable information from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, all of which are prevalent in the healthcare industry.

“By joining Private AI’s unique technology with Replica Analytics’ solution, we are now able to tackle the challenges of unstructured text and offer a more comprehensive solution to our global clients,” said Replica Analytics Senior Vice President and General Manager Dr. Khaled El Emam. “Our companies share a deep commitment to privacy and to using data for good. Working together, we will make richer datasets available, which is essential for health research and analytics, while continuing to protect privacy.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Replica Analytics and expand our cutting-edge data privacy solutions further into the healthcare industry through Replica Analytics and, in turn, expose their synthetic structured data generation product to other verticals,” said Private AI Co-Founder and CEO Patricia Thaine. “With Replica Analytics’ synthetic data generation solutions, we can help our clients to create safe and secure data sets for tasks in which maintaining accurate statistical distributions of personally identifiable information are key.”

The partnership will allow healthcare organizations to extract valuable insights from their multimodal data while ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations and maintaining the highest levels of privacy and dada security. The two companies aim to make healthcare data available for research and development while preserving individual privacy rights.

Replica Analytics is a pioneer in the development of unique technologies for generating privacy-protective synthetic data that maintain the statistical properties of real-world data. The company was acquired by our portfolio company, Aetion, in 2021.

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