Propeller Health’s new deal with Orion Corporation extends its European reach

Wisconsin-based Propeller Health is partnering with Finnish pharmaceuticals and diagnostics company Orion Corporation to help European asthma and COPD sufferers.

Starting in 2019, the companies will begin developing a custom-built Propeller sensor for Orion’s Easyhaler line of inhaled pulmonary drugs. These sensors will connect to Propeller’s digital health platform, which will allow users and their healthcare providers to track medication use.

“People and their physicians are eager for medicines that put digital to work to improve their treatments and quality of life,” said Propeller Health Co-founder and CEO David Van Sickle. “This partnership with Orion is another significant step toward reducing the burden of chronic respiratory disease for people around the world.”

“By connecting Easyhaler to Propeller’s digital platform, we are giving patients and their providers a new ability to improve the user experience of Easyhaler products and help patients better adhere to the treatments,” said Orion SVP of Commercial Operations Satu Ahomäki.  “We are thrilled to take this step to reduce the burden of asthma and COPD via a digital companion to our medicine.”

Orion has a presence across many European countries, which is an advantage for Propeller as it strengthens its international profile. European patients already using Easyhaler products will soon have access to a digital ecosystem that could help promote appropriate use of the medications and adherence to treatment instructions.

Propeller Health, a McKesson Ventures portfolio company, makes “smart inhalers” that connect patients’ inhalers to a digital platform to monitor medication use. The company was acquired by respiratory device manufacturer ResMed in 2018. Since then, Propeller has announced a number of new distribution partners, including Walgreens and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Ohio.

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