StartUp Health’s Q3 is an Even Crazier $9bn YTD

StartUp Health recently reported on Q3 digital health funding activity, joining a previous Rock Health study. According to StartUp, whose study takes a wider sample than Rock Health’s, funding in Q3 is already at $9bn, past last year’s $8bn. StartUp Health notes that it is very likely funding will surpass $10bn by the end of 2017.

Some key takeaways:

— Q3 charted $2.5bn in funding so far, which is less than Q2 ($3.8bn) but above Q3 funding in 2016 ($2.2bn).

— Series C and D deals provided 15% of all deals accomplished during this period, with Series D deals averaging $113 million.

— Deals are bigger than they ever have been at an average of $18 million apiece (versus $14 million in 2016).

— Half of all deals were in the personalized health and patient/consumer experience sectors—a difference from the B2B shifted noted in Rock Health’s study.

— The Bay Area leads deals in YTD, with NYC, Boston, and Chicago combined trailing.

Find out more about StartUp Health’s study and its comparison to the Rock Health study here.

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