Survey: 90% of patients seek to validate provider referrals on their own

A new report from Kyruus shows that patients are taking on a more active role in finding providers.

Kyruus surveyed 1,000 consumers for its 2017 Patient Access Journey Report, and found that 90 percent of patients who received a provider referral conduct additional research afterwards. These findings suggest that patients don’t make decisions based on recommendations alone.

But the survey also showed that there’s a generational difference in the way that older vs. younger patients prefer to find providers. Millennials (ages 18 – 36) and Gen Xers (ages 37 – 52) are more likely to rely on their own independent research than baby boomers (ages 53 to 71).

Broken down by the numbers, 41 percent of Millennials and 38 percent of Gen Xers said they prefer to rely on independent research, compared to just a third of baby boomers. Nearly half of all baby boomers (45 percent) said that they prefer to rely on referrals.

To learn more about this study, read this article published in Becker’s Hospital Review.