Travis Broome Discusses Aledade’s Partnership with Aetna

Aledade and Aetna are partnering to bring population health to patients and greater accountability of total cost to providers, said Travis Broome, vice president of policy at Aledade, in an interview with AJMC.

Broome said one of Aledade’s core beliefs is that they want the total patient panel. “If we’re going to move away from 15-minute blocks, it’s best if you can do that for everyone, so it’s always been a mission of Aledade to get as many of our practices’ patients under value-based care models, as possible,” he said.

To that end, Aledade works with many commercial payers. The company is excited about its partnership with Aetna because it’s in three states now. Aetna and Aledade are both national companies, but “at the end of the day it’s all about bringing population health to as many patients as we can,” Broome told AJMC. “Really when you think about total cost of care accountability, and what it means to be an ACO [accountable care organization], we think of it as excellence in primary care and excellence in population health. Both of those things are enabled by great partnerships with payers.”

The data that underpins cost-effective and quality care is key, and when companies can share that data with the goal of reducing healthcare costs, it’s clear that change can happen. Insurers are “all small businesses,” Broome said, that stay in operation by looking for partnerships to coordinate benefits for their members.

“They’re excited about all of our commercial partners for that reason because we want every patient of the practice to get excellence in primary care and excellence in population health and partnerships like the Aetna one make that possible,” Broome concluded.

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