UAB Medicine Selects Kyruus for Patient-Provider Matching and Provider Data Management

On Monday, Kyruus added UAB Medicine to its long list of prestigious clientele. UAB Medicine, one of the largest academic medical centers in the U.S., will be implementing two new programs designed by Kyruus.

The first program, called ProviderMatchTM for Access Centers, can be used as a focal point for patient access and care coordination. ProviderMatchTM for Access Centers matches patients to the right provider based on location, medical need, patient preference, and scheduling availability. It’s also capable of converting and tracking appointments.

The second program, called KyruusOneTM, is a data search engine system with one of the largest clinical libraries available on the market. It has a distributed provider network built into its system.

Andy Hare, Director of Ambulatory Access at UAB Medicine, believes that ProviderMatchTM for Access Centers and KyruusOneTM will help improve workflow processes and provide a better experience for patients.

“Compiling and maintaining accurate, reliable provider data is a top priority as we look to reduce appointment wait times, enhance patient-provider matching, and drive efficiency in our access center,” Hare stated. “Kyruus offers both the provider data management foundation we need for a single point of access to information about our providers and the robust search competencies required to accommodate our complex scheduling protocols.”

Graham Gardner, CEO of Kyruus, believes that his company’s programs will help providers reap the benefits of putting the needs of the patient first.

“The need to address what we call the ‘patient access paradox’—long appointment wait times despite underutilized provider capacity—is widespread across the industry,” Gardner stated. “Matching patients with the right providers at the right time has a significant impact not only on clinical outcomes, but also on an organization’s operational efficiency and financial results. We are proud to partner with UAB Medicine to help it realize benefits in all three areas.”

To learn more about Kyruus’ partnership with UAB Medicine, click here.