Why I Chose Aledade as an ACO Partner

Ryan Frazine, MD, an independent primary care physician who operates his own practice in Paducah, Kentucky, understands the importance of remaining competitive in an environment dominated by hospital-based primary care doctors and specialists. In order to do so, he and a number of other independent physicians joined a local accountable care organization (ACO).

Unfortunately, working with the ACO didn’t produce the results he had hoped. The doctors didn’t see significant progress in transitioning to value-based care and there was no clear vision of how that could be achieved. At the end of their contract with that ACO, they researched other options and discovered Aledade.

Working with Aledade has been a completely different experience for Dr. Frazine. Aledade addressed the doctors’ local concerns and worked with them to “get things right.” The Aledade app provided Dr. Frazine and his colleagues with actionable data that targets their highest-priority patients and gave them the information they needed to keep those patients healthy.

“Before Aledade, our group of physicians did not have a process for annual wellness visits, or hierarchical condition category coding,” Dr. Frazine writes. “We were all trying to tackle each issue independently, without any insight into an optimal workflow.”

Dr. Frazine urges physicians to understand that it is possible to participate in value-based care and maintain an independent practice. “As a solo physician, I was trying to figure it out on my own, and it was both hard and time-consuming,” he writes. “Aledade provided the additional support we needed to move to the next level of value-based care.”

Dr. Frazine also says an Aledade representative visits his office once a week to help keep the practice on track, keep in touch between patient visits, and allows them to provide not only value-based care but the best-quality health care as well.

“The changes I have seen already in my practice have been unparalleled,” Frazine writes.

Read Dr. Frazine’s full post at the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians website.