McKesson Ventures helps innovators build and scale businesses that will lead to a more navigable, effective and efficient health care delivery system. We partner with companies that are driving and enabling positive change for key stakeholders on all sides of the health care economy.

What We’re Looking For

McKesson Ventures targets digital health and services companies that both catalyze and benefit from the key changes taking place in the health care ecosystem.

We seek companies in emerging growth areas at the center of these changes that have achieved a meaningful level of customer penetration and revenue generation, including:

At present, we are not investing in drug development or traditional medical devices.

What Sets us Apart

McKesson Ventures is focused on the long-term strategic needs of the industry and the McKesson ecosystem – not the tactical needs of specific McKesson business units. We are a valuable partner to our portfolio companies, serving as a conduit to the many strengths, relationships and industry breadth of McKesson. We understand health care and we recognize the importance of responding and acting at a pace calibrated with early stage innovators. Lastly our team’s financial incentives are aligned with entrepreneurs and our investor syndicate partners.


We are committed to improving the many facets of patient experience and to enabling clinicians and health systems to improve and maintain their patients’ health and well-being.


When you do something for more than 180 years, you get to know people and the industry. We help our portfolio companies access McKesson and its deep relationships with key stakeholders across the entire spectrum of health care, including payers, providers, pharmacies, manufacturers and health systems.


We are part of McKesson, ranked 11th on the Fortune 500, but we operate independently with a small, nimble team to help accelerate your company’s growth.

Experienced and Aspirational


If you have an innovative idea or a company that will change the future of health care.


A History of Investing in Innovation

We know that success in health care requires sustained effort, collaboration and operational excellence and we are now applying our expertise to support leading health care startup companies through a dedicated strategic venture fund. McKesson has a long history of innovation and excellence within health care dating back to 1833 when it created the first national drug distribution system in the United States. Throughout our company’s history, we’ve made strategic investments in disruptive companies and technologies across all facets of health care. Our deep experience in maximizing the mutual value of strategic investments gives us a complete understanding of how to scale innovation in health care.