82% of Consumers Do Not Use Telehealth, Survey Says

According to a report sponsored by Avizia, most consumers are not taking advantage of telehealth options. Avizia, a telehealth provider based in Virginia, sent out two surveys in March 2017 to get a feel for the current use rates among consumers and healthcare professionals.

One survey was sent to consumers and included responses from over 400 individuals aged 18+ and living in the United States, while the other survey was sent to nearly 450 healthcare professionals who subscribe to Modern Healthcare.

Only 18% of survey respondents reported that they currently make use of telehealth technology. One of the top reasons consumers cited for not using the technology? Being unsure of whether or not it was covered by their insurance. Only 20% of respondents could say with certainty that telehealth was covered by insurance.

Bridging the apparent gaps between consumers, insurers, and providers may prove key to increasing use of telehealth. “Providers that are keen to raise patient awareness and increase participation in telehealth may wish to consider some sort of joint patient education outreach with their leading managed care partners,” reads the report.

To read more about the reasons individuals cited for using or not using telehealth, check out MedCityNews’s writeup on the report. Or, view the full report on Avizia’s website.