Healthcare tech company Accolade to double headcount in Seattle with new HQ office

Four years ago, Philadelphia-based Accolade established a second headquarters in Seattle. Now the company has announced that it plans to double its staff and open new offices with room for more than 225 employees.

“We’ve outgrown our Convention Center space and need room to grow—and not arm-wrestle over meeting rooms!” Accolade CEO Raj Singh told GeekWire. He didn’t mention specific real estate plans but did say that the company aims to double the size of its 120-person Seattle team over the next two to three years.

The new 45,000 square-foot space is large enough to accommodate 225 to 300 employees, according to the industry-standard ratio of space per employee.

Accolade is in the business of helping employees navigate their health benefits using a range of technologies from machine learning to mobile apps to make it easier for employees to access care. The company’s customers include large employers from a range of industries, including Comcast, Lowe’s, Amerigas, and Temple University Health Systems.

“Healthcare is an astronomical expense for every company—big and small—in relation to their overall balance sheet,” Singh said. “CFOs are starting to push back on that expense. Seeing three big companies say ‘ENOUGH’ is driving other employers to start questioning and take action.”

Earlier this year the company launched Accolade Connect, a product that gives users access to a team of health assistants and nurses via mobile and online messaging. According to GeekWire, Seattle startup Apptio was the first company to use the service. Accolade is also expanding personalized care for individuals through targeting messages based on health conditions or reminding them to get needed vaccinations.

Accolade is also building a health and benefits service team in Seattle and is hiring people with clinical expertise.

The company has raised more than $200 million to date and has a valuation of around $620 million. Asked about the possibility of IPO plans, Singh said the company is currently focused on growing users and “hitting our profitability milestone.”

Last week, Singh was honored as one of the winners of EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Pacific Northwest region.

Read the full interview here.

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