Accolade — Meet a Vendor

Shortlister invited Accolade Director of Business Development Kristen Vener and Product and Tech Solutions Expert Jeff Waibel to share how Accolade is using human compassion, clinical expertise, and intelligent technologies to deliver personalized healthcare and benefits support to employees and their families.

Accolade operates on the belief that the U.S. healthcare system is broken and that the primary care physician model is not effective in guiding people through the healthcare journey. The company solves this problem by combining live health assistants, who are supported by a team of experts with proprietary technology.

The model seems to be working well. Accolade currently has more than 5 million members on its platform, with a 90+ percent member satisfaction. It also has realized up to 15 percent savings in healthcare costs for customers, with those savings starting in the first year of membership.

Accolade’s approach isn’t a “one and done” solution; it is designed to achieve member satisfaction, re-engagement, and ultimately, better care decisions.

Accolade’s open technology platform has allowed it to evolve into a benefits hub that now integrates with more than 200 vendors. After 10 years of success with its flagship product, Premier, Accolade recently expanded its portfolio with Accolade Connect. The main difference between Premier and Accolade Connect is the configuration with the health plan.

Accolade Connect is designed for employers that are happy with their health plan and network, but they want to expand their benefits strategy to include things like 401(k) and life and disability insurance management. Members can benefit from the single point of entry the company provides, but when they are eligible for disease management or case management, they are referred to the carrier and encouraged to enroll.

Accolade Premier is for employers that want to provide Accolade’s personalized advocacy experience but who also want to reimagine healthcare delivery, too. In this case, the Accolade team handles all member-facing services and the health management piece, too. This typically means a change in the relationship with the insurance carrier and functions in the background for claims adjudication and network access.

For either of these products, Accolade provides pre-launch support for HR teams and members. Once rolled out, the company offers on-demand reporting and ongoing recommendations to HR teams in order to maintain member awareness and achieve company goals.

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