Aetion Acquires Synthetic Data Trailblazer Replica Analytics

Regulatory-grade real-world evidence technology provider Aetion recently announced its acquisition of Replica Analytics. Replica Analytics is well known for creating synthetic health data through artificial intelligence programs. Replica will be able to help Aetion through its ability to preserve the utility of source data, thanks to its AI technology generating synthetic privacy-protected copies of real-world data. This will help Aetion improve its knowledge regarding safety, higher standards of care, and treatment pathways.

Aetion Co-Founder and President Dr. Jeremy Rassen explained why he’s confident about the acquisition by pointing out that the companies’ “shared belief in rooting technology innovation in scientific rigor assures that together Replica and Aetion will accelerate the impact of RWE on improving access to higher quality, more affordable healthcare, globally.”

Aetion CEO and Board Director Carolyn Magill expressed similar enthusiasm, noting that Replica will be a good acquisition because it is “a pioneer in [synthetic data generation software], and this means that they are creating privacy-protected, synthetic copies of real-world data while preserving the statistical integrity and utility of the original data, which facilitates various uses in research.” Replica’s synthetic data production in collaboration with Aetion’s RWE collection is on track to opening new pathways for the company.

On the customer side of this deal, Replica’s quickly advancing technology will increase Aetion’s offerings by giving consumers using the Aetion Evidence Platform® more data options that are privacy-protected. Replica’s technology is utilized by Fortune 50 companies, enabling quick access to synthetic health data that meets regulatory obligations and complies with privacy laws. Prominent life sciences research organizations are consistent customers.

With real-world evidence becoming increasingly necessary in research, many companies are looking for new ways to synthesize it. Aetion’s acquisition will function to do just that, pushing the boundaries of RWE data collection and usage. This is the latest in a string of high-profile announcements from Aetion, including one about being selected by the European Medicines Agency to support efficacy and safety research in Europe.

Read the full press release here.

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