Aetion-HealthVerity partnership: More data sources, faster evidence generation

Aetion and HealthVerity have announced a new partnership to streamline and accelerate access to HealthVerity’s expansive and diverse data sources and data preparation services for research on the Aetion Evidence Platform.

Combining HealthVerity’s real-world data sources with Aetion’s real-world evidence platform will dramatically speed time to insight for regulatory-grade, real-world evidence studies.

The HealthVerity Marketplace offers 60 unique health care data sets with data for more than 330 million patients, including medical claims, electronic medical records, lab results, pharmacy, and imaging, which HealthVerity prepares for analysis through licensing, linkage, and de-identification according to HIPAA. Aetion’s technology analyzes real-world data to deliver scientifically validated analytics needed to provide evidence about the safety, effectiveness, and value of medical treatments.

Aetion CEO Carolyn Magill said, “This partnership enables Aetion customers to access a broad array of data to support specific business objectives or studies. Through these linked data sources, users will gain a more robust view of the patient experience, thus expanding the potential of real-world evidence for decision-grade analysis.”

Under the partnership, both companies will collaborate on the sourcing and preparation of additional new health care data sets. Aetion will develop validation routines for select health care databases in the HealthVerity Marketplace. This means customers will be able to efficiently source data from the HealthVerity Marketplace knowing that the Aetion platform is prepared to analyze those data sets.

“Our partnership with Aetion enables faster, transparent, and privacy-compliant real-world data research,” said Andrew Kress, CEO and co-founder of HealthVerity. “Streamlining our extensive real-world data sets with Aetion’s expertise in regulatory-grade research will help deliver customers greater access and discovery opportunities to conduct studies to develop new therapies.”

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