Augmedix Launches Tech-Enabled Service Within Emergency Departments to Provide Real-Time Support and Optimize Clinician Workflows

Augmedix, a provider of remote medical documentation and live clinical support, is announcing a rollout of a tech-enabled medical documentation service powered by virtual scribes and created specifically for busy Emergency Department (ED) environments,

Augmedix trains remotely located scribes in emergency medicine documentation to alleviate the administrative burden for clinicians, which is especially important today as these providers are on the front lines of the COVID crisis. The virtual scribes use proprietary Augmedix technology to ensure consistent, accurate documentation, which adds value and potential return on investment relating to ancillary billing opportunities unique to the ED.

The Augmedix ED scribes support key facets of documentation, real-time alerts, and electronic health record tasks. This includes tracking and providing reminders for labs, radiology, and EKGs, as well as attaching patient education materials at the end of each encounter. These scribes positively impact clinician workflow and the patient experience by removing barriers between the ED and hospitalists. The ED virtual scribes assist clinicians to optimize workflow by prioritizing documentation requirements for patients being admitted, while still ensuring all ED patient documentation is complete for clinician review and sign-off by the end of their shift.

“Augmedix ED virtual scribes support the important work of ensuring patients receive quality and timely care in the emergency department. They capture key details from the natural patient conversation that would otherwise be impossible for clinicians during busy shifts,” said Jeffery Davies, MD, chief of staff at Dignity Health. “They have been especially instrumental as COVID-19 has had a major impact on ED workflow. The fact that they are remote ensures complete safety and flexibility, eliminating additional exposure risk for our care team.”

Read the full press release here.