Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Offers New Program to Care for Chronically Ill Seniors At Home

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Landmark Health are teaming up to shape the future of healthcare. The two companies are introducing a revolutionary new program that provides in-home care to seniors. Never before has New England offered this type of a program.

“This innovative program reinforces our commitment to improving access to high-quality, affordable health care for our members by allowing us to provide care where seniors are often most comfortable—in their homes,” said Bruce Nash, Chief Physician Executive at Blue Cross.

Elderly Blue Cross Medicare Advantage members with serious conditions are being notified about their eligibility to participate in the program. Those enrolled will have 24/7 access to Landmark Health’s experienced team of medical professionals.

“We have seen the positive impact our program has had on patients,” said Mike Chief Medical Officer at Landmark Health. “We are excited to partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to bring our unique care model to New England.”

While both companies are excited to offer this new service, they are also quick to note that it is meant to complement, not replace, regular doctor visits. With that being said, the program does increase accessibility and reduce the costs associated with emergency room, inpatient, and assisted care visits.

The program officially launched in the Worchester area on Monday, April 3, and will continue to expand to the Boston and Springfield areas throughout 2017.

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