ClearCare Introduces New Online Management System

Home care industry leader ClearCare has developed a new software system for managing day-to-day healthcare operations. The system was built to save both time and money by automating simple office processes. Highlights of the new system include advanced scheduling tools, billing attributes, and HR capabilities.

ClearCare’s new software system is accessible 24/7 through any mobile or Internet device. The online system allows information to be transmitted in real-time, which allows users to stay up-to-date on any recent changes. The interface offers separate portals for caregivers and for patients, making the system user-friendly on both sides.

Users cite easy navigation as the number one pro for the system. Usability testing also revealed that both patients and clients enjoyed receiving text and email alerts. Other notable perks include an internal messaging system where clients can communicate directly with patients. Users also enjoyed the system’s ability to sync with Quickbooks.

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