Clinical Ink Enhances Data Management Services, and Announces Senior Hires in Data Management and Data Integrity

Clinical Ink, a leading provider of decentralized clinical trial technology and data services, has recently announced significant enhancements to its data management services. These improvements are accompanied by the addition of new senior hires who will further strengthen the company’s expertise in data integrity & management.

New key hires to the team include Jeff Bock, Vice President of Data Management, and Tom Haag, Vice President of Data Quality Control. These new hires will help work towards the company’s goal of managing clinical trial data effectively and ensuring data integrity & compliance with regulatory standards.

The enhancements to Clinical Ink’s data management services aim to streamline data capture and management throughout the clinical trial process. This is particularly crucial in decentralized trials, where data is collected remotely from various sources, including patients’ homes. In doing so, this should ultimately accelerate the development of new therapies and treatments.

Overall, Clinical Ink’s efforts to improve data management and its strategic senior hires reflect the company’s commitment to advancing the field of clinical research by harnessing the power of innovative technology and data solutions, ultimately benefitting both patients and the pharmaceutical industry.


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