Crossing Boundaries

In a recent article for The Daily Star, Shahriar Rahman interviewed Ian Kazi Shakil, founder/CEO of Augmedix. Augmedix, a McKesson Ventures portfolio company, uses Google Glass technology to give providers more time to focus on patient care. By taking on documentation and administrative tasks through a system of remote scribes, Augmedix saves providers more than 10 hours of time each week on average.

During the interview, Shakil shed light on the difference between having a remote scribe fill in EMR information and simple transcription services. He also discussed Augmedix’s mission and plan now and in the future: rehumanizing the doctor-patient interaction and catalyzing mass employment. By 2020, Augmedix aims to have at least 4,000 doctors in its service network—which would require at minimum 4,000 additional scribes.

Historically, Audmedix has raised more than $60 million. The company is planning another round of Series B funding, which will be larger and further reaching—perhaps even internationally.

Read the full interview on The Daily Star.