DokChain by PokitDok—Blockchain for Healthcare

Healthcare software platform provider PokitDok has recently introduced a new offering: DokChain, also known as blockchain for healthcare. PokitDok envisions DokChain providing a value-based solution that brings together many aspects of the healthcare process to improve stakeholders’ efficiency and satisfaction.

DokChain uses artificial intelligence in the form of “smart contracts” which connect all healthcare participants to the DokChain and to each other. PokitDok CEO Lisa Maki believes it’s becoming increasingly clear that electronic medical records are no longer the sole repository of healthcare data. In fact, smart contracts can capture a complete set of important events that contribute to a patient’s overall “episode of care.”

Maki envisions DokChain connecting all participants and stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem into a single secure blockchain network, including endpoints like electronic medical records and devices such as heart monitors. After pulling in the data from these endpoints, DokChain records it while handling permissions through “access grants” that DokChain maintains and verifies. This allows secure and well-organized healthcare data to be available for all stakeholders to track and share.

DokChain has some impressive initial partners: Microsoft, GE Healthcare, Adventist Healthcare, and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System.

PokitDok, a McKesson Ventures portfolio company, streamlines the business of health by providing a development platform of APIs to process eligibility checks, claims, scheduling, payments, identity management, and other business transactions.

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