Dr. Davin Lundquist Joins Augmedix as Chief Medical Officer

Medical note automation platform creator Augmedix has announced that Dr. Davin Lundquist will be joining the company as its chief medical officer. In his new role, Dr. Lundquist will drive rapid technological innovation across Augmedix’s product development teams while maintaining clinical excellence and tight alignment with the fast-changing U.S. health care landscape.

Dr. Lundquist will be tasked with introducing next-generation natural language processing automation modules into the Augmedix workflow and advancing Augmedix’s real-time support systems to prompt doctors to close care gaps and tend to other critical quality initiatives. He will also support the company’s commercial efforts as it expands its footprint among major U.S. health care systems.

“Augmedix is expanding its capabilities and rapidly innovating with services that go beyond basic medical note documentation,” said Augmedix CEO Manny Krakaris. “We have become an essential extension of physicians’ care teams and Dr. Lundquist, with his practical understanding of enterprise health system transformation as well as his technological expertise, is ideally suited for this vital role.”

Dr. Lundquist has personally been a user of Augmedix for more than six years, and the service has continued to evolve under his guidance. “What makes Augmedix so promising is that the service seamlessly combines remote scribe operations with scalable technology,” he said. “This unique human-in-the-loop model enables clinicians to have natural conversations with their patients while the system ambiently documents important information into the EHR, in real time. There’s no pausing to dictate commands, manually input data, press buttons, or invoke ‘wake words.’ I have been a big believer in Augmedix’s remote documentation service and, as an early adopter and a regular user of the service, I can attest to the value it can provide to clinicians and health care organizations.”

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