Envera Health and Evariant Team Up to Create End-to-End Engagement Services Offering for Healthcare

Envera Health and Evariant are joining forces to create a leading-edge medical system that will improve patient experience, increase outcomes, and drive growth. The two companies will team up to build a 360-degree profile of the patient, which will revolutionize the healthcare industry by putting the focus on the consumer.

“Consumers deserve a better experience in today’s fragmented healthcare system,” said Dan Neuwirth, CEO of Envera Health. “To improve that experience, health systems need to see a clearer picture of the person they are engaging with, at every level, in every interaction. Providing that level of service requires integrating data, analytics and care plans into one platform, and then delivering a truly connected experience. What we have built with Evariant helps health systems make a step-wise leap to delivering more consumer-oriented healthcare.”

The system will be powered by Evariant’s advanced Healthcare Customer Relationship Management (HCRM) platform, which is built in partnership with Salesforce. The platform is fully equipped with data, analytics, and services.

Envera Health will further strengthen the platform by providing end-to-end engagement services that improve clinical and financial performance. Envera Health has custom workflows that are designed to increase connectivity between physicians and patients, which allows for quicker and more efficient care.

“In today’s consumer-driven healthcare environment, it is more critical than ever to create a deep, lasting, and positive relationship with patients,” said Bill Moschella, CEO of Evariant. “This experience will require a fundamental shift in how healthcare approaches and engages with the consumer and will require significant investments in data, technology, and skill. We believe this partnership offers healthcare systems an opportunity to create an amazing experience for consumers that can drive real and better outcomes for all.”

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