Evariant Announces New Engagement Center Solution to Enable Smarter Patient Engagement and Retention

Healthcare CRM data analytics platform Evariant announced today that it is launching a new Evariant Engagement Center. This product enables call center agents to deliver on-the-fly, highly personalized patient experiences resulting in smarter patient engagement, increased patient acquisition and retention, and optimized health center growth.

“Healthcare providers have a tremendous opportunity to invest in solutions and processes that can transform their call center into a profit center by driving smarter patient engagement,” said Clay Ritchey, CEO of Evariant. “Early adopters of the Evariant Engagement Center have seen a real business impact with this kind of personal approach. In one example, a client’s discharge and reminded care program powered by the Evariant Engagement Center generated $17 million in revenue.”

The Evariant Engagement Center is purpose-built to create a 360-degree view of the patient for health systems that maintain their own call centers.

Evariant, a McKesson Ventures portfolio company, provides a leading healthcare CRM solution suite designed to transform the healthcare experience for consumers, patients, and physicians. Evariant enables health systems to effectively communicate care options that increase revenue and market share, while optimizing network utilization.

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