Everseat Expedites Medical Access and Provider Reimbursements with PokitDok

Everseat recently announced that it will make instant insurance eligibility verification a core component of its scheduling service. It will do this by incorporating the PokitDok Eligibility Application Programming Interface into its software.

“PokitDok is the magic bullet behind Everseat’s latest strategy for boosting patient access and getting their healthcare providers reimbursed on time,” said Jeff Peres, CEO and co-founder of Everseat. “Two things modern healthcare has to deliver every day are easy access for patients and increased efficiency for their providers. Thanks to integration with PokitDok, patients using Everseat can request appointments with their fingertips and healthcare providers get more confidence they’ll be paid on time.”

“As patients take more responsibility for their own care, understanding insurance benefits becomes critical to both the consumer and provider,” said Lisa Maki, co-founder and CEO of PokitDok. “Legacy systems make booking and paying for appointments a slow and expensive process that leads to surprise bills and cripples revenue cycle management. Everseat is a great example of how developers can use our APIs to re-imagine new ways for providers to run their business.”

Everseat is a patient-centered scheduling platform that helps patients get access to appointments they need with their healthcare providers.

PokitDok, a McKesson Ventures portfolio company, manages health insurance carrier connectivity, file validation, encryption, and transmission. It has trading partner agreements with more than 500 health insurers and payers.

To read more about how PokitDok will help boost Everseat’s patient access, read the full press release here.