Go Beyond the Acquisition: Wake Forest Baptist Health Leverages Journey Mapping for Improved Patient Engagement

On Wednesday, May 24, Evariant’s Gary Druckenmiller, VP and Marketing Practice Lead, and Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Jeff House, AVP of Marketing, will host a webinar on marketing to healthcare patients.

Druckenmiller and House will discuss the patient journey, which goes beyond just traditional marketing to get patients in the door. Providers must follow a patient’s journey not just up until they find a care facility, but throughout their healthcare experience. The resulting patient care map offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to look more closely at where they are succeeding and where they can eliminate customer care gaps that work against patient retention.

This webinar will focus primarily on communication streams, documentation, and delivering program recommendations. Attendees will take away the ability to identify gaps, develop multichannel marketing campaigns, use targeted content strategies, and cultivate loyal, lifelong customers, leading to positive business growth.

Register for the webinar here.