Google Parent Company Alphabet Releases Glass Enterprise Edition

When Google originally released Google Glass back in 2012, it failed to catch on with individuals. Now, however, the latest Glass Enterprise Edition has found its home in business, particularly in the industrial and healthcare industries.

Designed to clip onto glasses or safety goggles, Glass EE allows users to get up-to-the-minute, hands-free information to support their work. By partnering with companies like Upskill and Augmedix, everyone from mechanics to doctors can get the information they need without having to take time away from important tasks.

Doctors at Dignity Health, for instance, use Glass EE with partner Augmedix, which provides a “remote scribe” to take notes during patient consultations. This allows doctors to focus on interacting with their patients instead of having to side track to a computer or clipboard to take notes that they will later have to transcribe.

According to Dignity Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. Davin Lundquist, the Glass/Augmedix pairing has improved quality of care and reduced the amount of time spent typing up notes from 33% of a doctor’s day to less than 10%.

Sutter Health is also seeing positive results from their partnership with Augmedix and Glass. Doctors at Sutter are spending less than two hours a day on record keeping, allowing them to spend the rest of their time with their patients. Dr. Albert Chan notes that Glass “has brought the joys of medicine back” to doctors because it lets them focus on their real passion: helping patients.

When engineer Ian Shakil originally saw Google Glass and understood its potential, he quit his job to form Augmedix, partnering with Glass from the beginning as part of his company’s plan to simplify medical examinations.

“When you hear the word ‘Glass,’ you think dehumanization, social disruption,” Shakil says. “We’re the opposite—being close to the patient, being able to put your hand on his or her shoulder to comfort them” is the focus of Augmedix’s technological developments.

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