Biotech startup bringing 400 jobs to Durham after landing incentive package

GRAIL will bring 398 jobs to Durham, N.C., over the next five years, effectively doubling its workforce. The company landed an incentive package from the state of North Carolina valued at $5.7 million, and Durham County also pledged $678,000 in incentives.

In return, GRAIL will invest $103 million into facilities including a laboratory, warehouse, and offices, and create 398 new jobs in a variety of fields. The company expects to start hiring in 2021.

“Even in tough economic times, companies like GRAIL see that North Carolina is ready to support the life sciences sector with a strong workforce,” Governor Roy Cooper said in a statement. “North Carolina had a solid foundation for job growth before the virus, and that will make the road to recovery faster in the coming months.”

GRAIL Senior Vice President for Strategic Operations Uplash Kumar said that the Research Triangle’s large pool of skilled talent was one of the reasons it chose Durham over its other option, Houston. “[The area has a] large pool of skilled talent and innovative spirit that is critical to the success of our mission to detect cancer early and save lives,” he said in a statement. “This expansion is an important step forward in making our pioneering, multi-cancer early detection blood test widely available to patients and healthcare providers across the country.”

North Carolina Biotechnology Center Director of Life Science Economic Development Laura Rowley, Ph.D., said, “GRAIL is a driven company pursuing a paradigm-shifting goal. NCBiotech and our state and local partners are thrilled to welcome GRAIL to North Carolina and look forward to supporting its efforts to implement diagnostics for early cancer detection and improved patient outcomes.”

Although wages will vary depending on the position, the average pay will be in line with the current average annual salary in Durham County of $71,756.

Read North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s statement on GRAIL’s move.

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