GRAIL, AccessHope Collaborate to Optimize Patient and Healthcare Provider Experience for Galleri, First-of-Kind Multi-Cancer Early Detection Blood Test

GRAIL has announced that it is joining forces with AccessHope™ to offer a world-class service experience to people who use Galleri™, GRAIL’s first-of-kind multi-cancer early detection blood test. This collaboration is part of GRAIL’s effort to help patients and their healthcare providers achieve favorable outcomes by making the test experience, from blood draw to cancer care, as seamless as possible.

AccessHope, a company that provides cancer expertise to employers and their healthcare partners, will offer Galleri users coordination services during the test experience, including access to a support team for guidance and information. AccessHope will also provide support to physicians as they determine next steps to evaluate a positive Galleri test result.

“Most cancers are diagnosed too late, when outcomes are poor,” said GRAIL Chief Medical Officer and Head of External Affairs Dr. Joshua Ofman. “The introduction of Galleri as a complement to recommended cancer screening tests provides an opportunity to fundamentally change the way that we detect cancer. Best-in-class expert services like those offered by AccessHope will be an essential part of GRAIL supporting providers and their patients from test to diagnosis to treatment.”

GRAIL previously announced that it will introduce Galleri in the second quarter of 2021 and that Washington-based Providence will be the first health system to offer Galleri as a complement to currently recommended cancer screenings.

“The rising cost of cancer care—coupled with the extraordinary rate of innovation and changes in best practices—make early detection even more vital when it comes to improving a patient’s healthcare experience, outcomes, value, and care,” said AccessHope CEO Mark Stadler. “Our mission at AccessHope is to deploy the latest cancer care knowledge to the places and people who need it most when it is most valuable. Providing support services for Galleri offers another way we can touch more lives and extend our mission.”

Galleri, which will require a prescription, will be available initially through partner health systems, medical practices, and self-insured employers.

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