Hims & Hers Expands Mental Health Offerings to Include Individual Online Therapy

McKesson Ventures portfolio company Hims & Hers recently announced that it has expanded its mental health offerings to include individual online therapy. Built to complement the platform’s existing services including access to online psychiatry and free, educational support group sessions, the new individualized therapy offering will provide more convenience, comfort, and cost savings to mental health services. Individual online therapy is available at $99 per session.

While online psychiatry provides patients with access to healthcare providers who can prescribe medications for conditions such as anxiety and depression to patients deemed appropriate for a prescription, this new service connects patients with licensed therapists over video call to work through acute need areas and build a personalized, ongoing mental wellness routine.

“In business, we talk a lot about supply and demand, but until I started working in the healthcare industry I had never seen those two concepts so critically out of balance,” said Hims & Hers Co-founder and CEO Andrew Dudum. “The need for mental healthcare is rapidly on the rise across the country, but many of the current options fall short of what people are looking for. Quality care is hard to find and even harder to access, particularly when you bring cost and scheduling into the equation. I’m incredibly proud of the team at Hims & Hers for developing a platform that takes the fear and guesswork out of therapy without sacrificing the high standards of care we uphold across our entire telehealth offering.”

Hims & Hers’ online therapy offering is centralized in its all-new Mental Health Dashboard that puts consumers in the driver’s seat when it comes to developing a treatment plan that works best for their own personal needs, goals, schedules, and budgets. In the Mental Health Dashboard, patients will be able to track their anxiety and depression scores, access upcoming session and therapist information, schedule or reschedule visits, and see the number of completed sessions in one easy-to-use space. All customers will continue to have free access to the company’s mental health resources and content.

Online therapy and psychiatry customers will have 24/7 access to connect live with a Master’s level counselor over the phone who is able to assist in urgent or crisis mental health situations.

Read the full press release here.