House Calls Company Landmark Extends Senior Care Services

Landmark Health believes in offering in-home medical care for seniors that could prevent or delay their need for continuing or nursing home care. Based in Buffalo, New York, Landmark has been providing assistance to in-home care providers since October of 2014.

While Landmark doesn’t consider itself a direct participant in the in-home care market, they do help the industry as valuable referral partners. For qualified seniors in certain health plans in New York state; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle and Spokane, Washington, Landmark can put patients in touch with doctors or physician’s assistants for care in their own homes or even urgent care.

Landmark doctors often visit seniors who have just been released from the hospital or a care facility to help them reacclimate to home life and make sure they understand their medication regimens. They also help patients come up with a plan to remain healthy while at home.

Landmark’s latest offering is Landmark Connect, which takes those services one step further and offers them within the context of nursing homes. Landmark primary care doctors will now be available to patients in skilled nursing facilities, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, and continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). Landmark doctors embedded in these communities have the opportunity to form more lasting connections with their patients and get a better sense of their needs, as well as any changes in their health. They can also work more effectively with care facility staff and patients’ families.

Janet Evoniuk, Landmark Connect’s National Vice President of Clinical Services and Program Development, notes that so far, the program has achieved “dramatic reductions in hospitalizations,” though it’s too soon to share specific results.

Find out more about Landmark Connect here.