How to See a Doctor and Get a Prescription Online

Although states and cities are starting to ease social distancing mandates, many people still feel more comfortable doing what they can to minimize the risk of catching the coronavirus. To accommodate this, many doctors are offering telemedicine services. But if your doctor isn’t seeing patients virtually, you can still find a licensed provider and get a prescription from home. Recently, New York magazine lined up its favorite telehealth providers for an assortment of services, and Hims & Hers was named the magazine’s favorite online service for men’s and women’s health.

Hims offers medications for hair loss and erectile dysfunction, Hers offers treatments for yeast infections and low sex drive, as well as birth control pills. Both companies offer prescriptions for anti-aging products, acne medications, performance anxiety, and genital herpes.

To access care through Hims & Hers, consumers fill out a questionnaire, then have an online consultation with a licensed provider about their condition. Hims & Hers does not take insurance; instead, the company is trying to provide an affordable alternative for uninsured people or those on high-deductible plans.

Hims & Hers’ prices vary depending on the medication you are getting: $20 for two packs of a three-day yeast infection treatment to $520 for a month’s supply of a brand-name medication such as Cialis. The medical consultation fee is included.

Hims has also expanded into mental health and non-urgent general health care, and its COVID-19 home test, developed by Rutgers, has received emergency use authorization from the FDA.

Other companies that New York magazine named the best online services are:

  • Best online service for general health: Lemonaid
  • Best online service for migraines: Cove
  • Best online service for “things we don’t talk about”: Wisp
  • Best online service for mental health: Cerebral
  • Best online service for skin care: Curology

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