Inbound Health Secures $30 Million in Funding Led by HealthQuest Capital to Accelerate Growth of At-Home Advanced Care Programs

Inbound Health, a company specializing in enabling health systems to provide acute and post-acute care in patients’ homes, has successfully concluded a Series B funding round, securing $30 million in investment. HealthQuest Capital led the funding round, with participation from existing investors Flare Capital Partners and McKesson Ventures.

This funding comes at a time when healthcare systems are increasingly turning to home-based care models. Inbound Health’s programs have been delivering significant clinical, operational, and financial benefits for its health system partners and patients. These advanced at-home care models have demonstrated a reduction in hospital length-of-stay, readmission rates, and avoidable complication rates, ultimately leading to a decrease in the overall cost of care.

The funding secured by Inbound Health will serve as a catalyst for the company’s expansion into fresh markets and the acceleration of critical growth endeavors. These initiatives encompass the ongoing enhancement of Inbound Health’s clinical programs, the evolution of its proprietary technology and advanced analytics platform, and the continued expansion of customized operating assets, with a specific focus on supply chain management, labor optimization, and logistics. Inbound Health’s exclusive platform encompasses a comprehensive array of capabilities necessary to effectively provide advanced home-based care on a large scale, encompassing clinical services, cutting-edge technology solutions, managed care provisions, supply chain logistics, and labor services.

“Inbound Health’s innovative solution addresses a pressing need within our healthcare system by enabling patients to receive high-quality care in the comfort of their homes, thereby enhancing the overall patient experience, and creating a solution that benefits all stakeholders.  This is especially vital in light of the growing capacity challenges faced by hospitals,” said Garheng Kong, Managing Partner at HealthQuest Capital. “We believe in the team’s ability to replicate and expand in future markets, making a substantial impact on healthcare delivery.”

Inbound Health’s mission is to enable health systems and health plans to offer hospital and skilled nursing facility-level care in patients’ homes, with a focus on quality and compassionate care. To date, they have provided care to over 6,500 patients across 350+ DRGs (Diagnosis Related Groups) and plan to further customize their care model to meet the unique needs and strategies of their partners.

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