Smart Analytics Software Cures Cancer, Driving Patient-First Approach

Healthcare Tech Outlook recently interviewed Rick Dean, CEO of Oncology Analytics, about the need for “smart analytics” in cancer treatment as a way to control costs and enable providers and patients to choose the best course of treatment. Oncology Analytics is a utilization management company providing health plans with an evidence-based, technology-driven approach.

“When analyzing oncology data, health plans need a partner with a clinically qualified organization to know the right questions to ask and how to translate what they find into tangible strategies they can implement,” Dean said. “Our clinical advisory services, paired with data science and rich analytics, shows health plans where to focus on providing the most appropriate, cost-effective treatments.”

The company recently released Oncology Insights, an analytics software solution that provides current, fitting, and structured oncology data, supported by expert clinical services. The product uses data science, predictive analytics, and machine learning to provide clarity for treatment and costs. This allows health plans to identify which treatments are in the best interests of their members, both in cost and in treatment effectiveness.

Oncology Analytics believes patients will achieve the best possible outcome through a consistent process for evaluating the effectiveness, toxicity, and costs of treatment options. The company does ongoing review and analysis of oncology treatments, their outcomes, and adverse effects. Its database is continuously updated with the newest evidence-based science that provides the most innovative options to create value-based treatment paths for every patient.

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