Kyruus CEO Shares Perspective on Digital Health in Massachusetts

Kyruus CEO Graham Gardner likens Kyruus’s efforts to change healthcare to the way Oakland A’s manager Billy Bean redefined baseball by focusing on the inherent value of his players in the book Moneyball.

The KyruusOne software platform, according to Gardner, helps health systems connect patients with “the right provider the first time.” It’s a centralized provider database that includes information on medical conditions, procedures, insurances, languages, and scheduling rules so that patients and providers can find the best fit.

Additionally, Kyruus’s ProviderMatch search and scheduling applications, currently used in over 300 hospitals, help organize information and make it accessible for a wide variety of healthcare practitioners.

“It gets to [the] heart of the supply and demand challenge,” Gardner says. “Patients want to get care from a provider with the right set of clinical skills who also matches their insurance, location, and availability preferences. At the same time, hospitals want to ensure that their providers are busy seeing the patients best suited to their clinical training… We have been able to help boost the schedule density of all providers across systems by more than 20% by allowing schedulers to look across the entire network of possible providers.”

As a digital healthcare leader, Kyruus is all about supporting the personal relationship between patient and provider, according to Gardner. “That relationship is special and must remain special,” he says. “Patients are very open with their providers—they talk about the most intimate details, and that has to be at the forefront of how we deliver care for patients.

“At the same time, patients are becoming better consumers of healthcare, they know more about their conditions and are feeling more empowered to express their preferences when seeking care,” he adds.

Because of this trend, Gardner believes in a future for digital healthcare that includes nurturing relationships while streamlining the care process via technology. Technology also allows patients and providers to interact in more ways.

According to Gardner, Kyruus’s plan from the beginning was to use Big Data trends to revolutionize the way healthcare is executed. By combining experts with both data and healthcare backgrounds, Kyruus has been able to produce products that can move digital healthcare forward into the next century and beyond.

This interview originally appeared on the Mass Digital Health website.